Business Benefits

- Lighter, Safer and Easier to Use

- Increased Fire Protection

- Less Inventory

- No Annual Maintenance Costs

- 10 Year Guarantee

- Substantial Cost Savings

Environmental Benefits

- 20 Year Life Cycle

- No Service Parts and Fewer Rells

- Watercourse Safe Biodegradable Foam

- No Maintenance Visits Reduces CO2

- Low Energy Manufacturing

- 100% Recyclable

fire extinguishers

cost savings extinguisher

Cost Savings

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much you could save

On average our customers
benefit from a 47% cost saving
over a 10 year period

cost savings extinguisher

“The inclusion of an innovative use of modern materials in this product provides the opportunity for a reduction in onerous maintenance regimes for such equipment resulting in significant savings to both the public and private sectors. Importantly, the extinguisher retains its operational effectiveness whilst eliminating the risk of corrosion to enhance the safety to the user.”

Sir Ken Knight CBE QFSM FIFire (Former Government Chief Fire and Rescue Advisor)

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fire extinguishers


Details on our range of advanced composite extinguishers

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