Technical Features

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A Product of Innovation

- Composite Construction

- Super Strong Kevlar Aramid type Weave

- UV Protective Casing

- Marine Grade Anti Corrosive Components

- Typically Twice the Extinguishing Ability

- 10 Year Guarantee

Key Benefits

- Lighter, Safer and Easier to Use

- Advanced Foam tackles Most Fire Types

- British Standards, EN3 and MED Approved

- No Annual Maintenance Costs

- Environmentally Friendly

- 20 Year Life Cycle

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Cost Savings

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  Contents Fire Types Capacity Fire Rating Filled Weight Height Part No. Marine Part No.
& Electrical
2ltr 8A - 55B 2.8kg 410mm P50F2 P50F2M
6ltr 27A - 183B 8.5kg 570mm P50F6 P50F6M
9ltr 34A - 233B 11.7kg 640mm P50F9 P50F9M
Powder ABC ABC
& Electrical
2kg 13A - 55B 2.8kg 410mm P50P2 P50P2M
6kg 43A - 233B 8.5kg 570mm P50P6 P50P6M
9kg 55A - 233B 11.7kg 640mm P50P9 P50FPM
F Class Ecodare F Foam F 6ltr 75F 9.1kg 570mm P50FC6 P50FC6M
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